We are working with 200 churches in Thailand!

September 25, 2019
The work that the IMI Church is now doing in Thailand began at zero 14 years ago. For eight years, we joined eight churches. Then it completely took off, well helped by Agenda 1.

- I get so happy and proud when I see my colleagues at TCN. They are wonderful people who have experienced the grace of God - and make it possible for so many others to experience the same, says Kjartan Sørheim of the IMI Church who has been involved in the work in Thailand throughout the period, first as a missionary for NMS, then as an employee in the IMI church.

God does amazing things in Thailand, and the IMI Church is allowed to join. What a big blessing!

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Get set free
- It is difficult to put into words what happens when Christian pastors, who have believed in Jesus all their lives, suddenly experience that they are sons and daughters of God, when they experience that they are completely loved, when they discover their true identity. It is also difficult to describe how amazing it is to see young people with whom we have been close for 14 years standing up, bold and with a lot of authority leading more experienced people into a new relationship with God, says Sørheim.

He was in Thailand earlier this fall. Together with Martin Cave, they had retreat days together with the leadership of the Nexus congregation in Bangkok. They also had staff days with TCN colleagues - and met the church leaders in the Mukdahan Christian Church.

The presence of God
At the heart of the work is the song of praise, leading people into the presence of God. Keys in the work are values ​​like goodness, living a life as a disciple in everything one does and does - and collaborating with other congregations in the local area.

- Agenda 1's leadership network - and the tools used in Agenda 1 - are a crucial building block - and a major reason why the number of congregations who want to join us has increased dramatically, says Sørheim, who came to Thailand for the first time as a missionary for NMS in 2005.

For eight years, Sørheim and his colleagues worked with eight churches. Three years ago the number increased to 30. Then it exploded.

- We were 120 churches last year - and by spring we will be close to 200. It is absolutely incredible - and we look forward to what next!

Says Kjartan Sørheim, head of TCN - and a part of the leadership of the IMI Church's international department. Sørheim is also the leader of Agenda 1 Norway.

* The work that is now TCN was established in 2005 by NMS missionaries Kjartan and Eirin Sørheim, and Espen and Maria Tveten.
* The NMS and Evangelical Lutherah Church in Thailand (ELCT) have been very important keys in the work, financially, structurally and in many other ways.
* Since 1.1. In 2014, the IMI Church conducted this work in Thailand.

* Thailand Christian Network Foundation (TCN) was established in August 2016.

Text: Frode Sandal