The Story of Agenda1

Agenda1 is a relational network of churches on a journey together to build missional churches that transform cultures by making disciples who make disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit. We gather teams of leaders in Learning Communities where they are invited into a process which gives them skills, tools and a mindset to build missional churches.


Agenda1 was born from IMI church’s participation in the European Church Planting Network from 2007-2011. This helped us to move into a new paradigm of church growth and planting through equipping disciples to be the church in their daily lives and to make more disciples. At the same time, we became acquainted with the collaborative process tool called the Learning Community.

2009: Agenda 1 was started

Agenda1 was started in 2009 by IMI Church in Stavanger, Norway. We have our roots in the 19th century Lutheran lay revival and have always had a passion for evangelism and cultural transformation. We have been formed through the charismatic renewal and are part of the missional church movement.

We invited five Norwegian churches to join us in a Learning Community in January 2009 to share our learnings. In the spring of 2019, we have fourteen LC’s inNorway with around 130 groups representing 80 churches from many denominations.

2010: Going to Thailand

In 2010, missionaries from our church invited us to start an Agenda1 LC in Thailand. The Thai leaders helped us to refine and simplify our teachings. We quickly saw that both the teachings and the LC process had a great impact on the churches that embraced it.  

In 2013, we started an LC in Cambodia for churches from 20 different provinces as part of our mission to this nation. Since then, Agenda1 has grown in these two countries and we have arranged many LC's for hundreds of churches.

2023: 21 countries

Since 2016, Agenda1 has spread through Asia to churches from Myanmar, the Philippines, Nepal, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan and other countries. We have also started LC’s in Finland, several countries in Africa, Cuba and the United States. More recently, Agenda1 has been growing in more countries in Europe. Because of the sensitive nature of working with churches in cultures with persecution, we cannot name all of our partners.