Happy Birthday Agenda1!

May 11, 2019

10 years ago, this month we started a network of churches which wanted to focus on mission and discipleship. And so Agenda1 was born. Where are we ten years on? Agenda1 has grown into an international movement; a family of families spread across ten countries and four continents. Hundreds of churches are part of the family and it just keeps growing!

God has blessed us and used us in the past decade in ways we never could have dreamt of. It is as though he has taken our five small loaves and two fish and used them to feed thousands. We bring what we have to God and he does the rest. It is incredibly exciting and at times challenging too. People come to faith, are discipled and then disciple others. Churches have grown and planted new churches. Leaders are given new hope. We are a growing network, a family that breaks down language and cultural barriers.

Agenda1: Empowering churches to change the world.