It’s the Secret Sauce!

September 25, 2019
The pastor is polite, but I sense skepticism. We aren’t the first foreigners to come to town and gather local pastors to teach them something.

He has heard testimonies about what Agenda1 has meant to churches in other parts of Thailand, but he doesn’t know us. As we start the Learning Community Monday morning, there are fewer leaders than we had hoped. But our Thai team isn’t fazed by that. We have spent time in prayer and seeking God for this two day-gathering and have expectations that we willbe part of what God wants to do with his church in this region.

We have a manual we follow as we begin the process with short teachings, group discussions and reports. The Learning Community is a collaborative process tool that seems to work well in every new culture we come to.

We see time and time again that transformation of leaders and churches does not come from the tool itself, but from the “cultures” that we bring to the gathering. It’s the secret sauce that makes it work, especially the culture of seeking God’s presence and of building family.

In everything we do, we seek the presence of God, whether it’s worship, teaching or ministry. This morning as we teach the simple principle of our identity as children of God, a young lady experiences the Father’s love in a way that she has never known before. She shares her testimony, and at the evening session, she lays her hands on others who then experience the transforming power of this love.

In everything we do, we seek to demonstrate a culture of family, with encouragement, honesty, unity and ministering to each other.

The breaks and the meals are just as important as the sessions. By Tuesday afternoon, the atmosphere has changed considerably. There is enthusiasm and trust. The leaders ask if it is possible to invite ten more churches to the next gathering. They wanted to share this with others.

One pastor shared: “I’ve heard many foreigners teaching on discipleship, but now God has taken this knowledge from my head to my heart.” Wow! Maybe it’s the secret sauce!

- Blog by Steve Bruns, -