We Have a Family in Bangkok

May 11, 2019

Wow! That’s all I can think to describe what I have been part of. I just got back from the Agenda1 Asian Summit in Bangkok and what a mind-blowing experience it was. 122 people from ten countries and the aim of the summit was family, spending time together, and hearing one another’s stories of what God is doing in their countries through Agenda1. These stories were truly deep and powerful. We heard of more than 15 000 people choosing to follow Jesus in Cambodia in 2018 and of them being helped into churches where they can grow as disciples of Jesus. We heard about the way Agenda1 is spreading through Thailand and being used by Thai pastors to help them reach their people with the Good News of the Gospel and how the church there is growing.

Each country represented was listened to, encouraged and prayed for. We played together and prayed together and it was such fun. When we worshipped, it felt really powerful, not least because we are not strangers to one another, we are family. One of the huge strengths of Agenda1 is the relationships that are built between people of different nations, denominations and backgrounds. The atmosphere of being in the presence of God during the whole summit was very special. To see for example church leaders from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia eating lunch together and deepening their relationships was very powerful. For me it was a tiny foretaste of Revelation 7:9 with a great multitude from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages worshipping before the throne.