Six Days on a Bus in Nepal

May 11, 2019

Nepal is another Agenda1 country. The leader team is made up of some of our experienced Agenda1 leaders from Thailand and Norway and church leaders in Nepal. Agenda1 only works through relationships and we are in Nepal via existing relationships between an Agenda1 church in Norway and church leaders in Nepal.

There were 64 youth leaders from 7 provinces around Nepal. One of the leaders who is part of Agenda1 travels for three days by bus to get to Katmandu for the two-day gathering and then has a three-day bus journey home again. The response we are hearing is that Agenda1 is making a difference to how they think about mission and discipleship among the youth and church congregations.

The fact that many of the youth leaders who come to the gatherings are girls and women is a very healthy sign in a man-dominated society. Raising up and empowering young leaders to take the Gospel to their generation is important for both genders and can give them role models as we have both men and women leading the gatherings and the teaching.