Summit Bangkok 2020

January 9, 2020

Welcome to Summit Bangkok 2020! 

To all of you who will be joining us in Bangkok January 21 to 24,

Welcome to the Summit!

We’re so happy that you can be part of this gathering of our “family of families” with church and mission leaders from at least ten countries. We have great expectations for what God will be doing during these days. As those of you who have been to one of our Summits will know, this is not your typical conference. Yes, there will be teaching and workshops, but just as important are the times of fellowship with each other and with God. We will spend lots of time seeking God together and enjoying His presence. We will be sharing what God is doing in each of our countries and celebrating this. We will getting to know each other better and having fun. Come with expectation of receiving what God and your family will pour into your life.

Practical information

The hotel

The summit will be at S Ratchada Leisure Hotel, 52 Tiamruammit Road, Ratchadapisek, Huaykwang Bangkok, 10310 Thailand. Hotels are booked from Monday 20.01. to Friday 24.01. If you're going to stay longer, you'll have to contact the hotel. Tell them you stay via TCN.

Transport from Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK)

Grab, the Thai version of Uber, is probably the easiest way to get from the airport to the hotel - a 35 min. drive. Grab charges ca. 400-600 baht ≈ 14-20 USD for the ride. To further minimize cost - take the free shuttle bus from Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) to Don Mueang airport (DMK) and use the Grab app from a closer destination.


Update Wednesday 22.01.

Tuesday 21. Jan

12            Lunch

1 pm      Opening,Theme for Summit: How wide, how deep, Ephesians 3:14-19

2 pm      Coffeebreak

2:30        Worship, God's Presence

3:15        A New Mission Paradigm – Interview


4 pm      What isGod doing in Asia? Short testimonies, prayer and celebration

-              A glimpse from Thailand

-              A glimpse from Vietnam

-              A glimpse from Nepal

-              A glimpse from Malaysia


5 pm      Restand relation
Network meeting for Norwegian mission leaders (in Norwegian)

6 pm       Dinner

7:30       EveningWorship
Teaching: The Father's Love - Ahlmira Yadao and Pook Khansaard

9:30        Rest



Wednesday 22. Jan

8 am       Breakfast

9 am       Worship, God's presence, prayer

10:45     Coffee break

11:15     Teaching: How to create culture - EgilElling Ellingsen

12:00     Lunch

1 pm       What is God doing in Asia?

-              A glimpse from India

-              A glimpse from Cuba

-              A glimpse from Bangladesh


2 pm       Coffee break

2:30         Short presentations

-       How do we show Jesus’ love to worldly authorities? - Dr. Khampone, Laos

-       How small acts wrapped in love can change the world – Egil Elling Ellingsen, Norway

-       How do we show Jesus’ love to Christians we don’t agree with? – Sithuon Seap, Cambodia


3:30        Seminars

-       How can your church transform the world with kindness? Egil Elling Ellingsen, Jarle Skullerud

-       How can unity between the churches transform your country? Rev. Heng Cheng, Sithuon

-       How to build a culture of family - Ariel Tenario

-       How does Agenda1 work? Tracy Rishton, Steve Bruns

-       How do we adapt Agenda1 to new cultures? Svein Høysæter, Live Gundersen


4:30        Rest and relation                

6 pm       Dinner
                 Meeting: Women in leadership

7:30       Evening Worship
Teaching: Leader or parent? Martin Cave

9:30        Rest



Thursday 23.Jan                                  

8 am       Breakfast

9 am       Worship, God's presence, prayer

10:45     Coffee break

11:15     Teaching: Back to the First Love - Thanon Chanchitsopon

12:00     Lunch

1 pm        What is God doing in Asia and Norway?

-              A glimpse from Cambodia

-              A glimpse from Laos

-              A glimpse from Myanmar

-              A glimpse from the Philippines


2 pm       Coffee break

14:30      Short presentations

-       In ministry together for life - Rev. Heng Cheng and his wife Da Sun

-       The power ofunity - John Arve Lunde

-       Using the prophetic gift outside the Church - Premjai Phanthuya


15:30     Network and national group meeting

-       Reflection together: What have you experienced during the Summit that you need back home?

-       Praying together for this experience/learning to become important in and through your church/network


4 pm       Rest and relation                                  

5 pm       Dinner

6 pm      Evening Worship
Teaching: From deep to wide - Paul Yadao

8:30        Rest


Friday 24.Jan                      

8 am       Breakfast