Churches and fellowships that work together to reach out


Who are we?
Agenda 1 is a network of churches and fellowships that help each other to reach more people with the gospel.

The purpose of the Agenda 1 is to create learning environments where leaders are equipped with skills and tools to build missional churches, churches that exist to complete Jesus' mission to make disciples of all people.

Together in learning communities
The network consists of several learning communities with up to ten churches in each. Leadership teams from these churches meet two weekends a year. They work together to evaluate, test new ideas and make plans. They both supported and held accountable. The main leaders are followed up regularly between meetings. The first phase of the learning communities lasts two years. Then churches choose whether they want to continue two more years.

Agenda 1 organizes annual conferences and runs their own leadership network.

Churches and fellowships that have participated in Agenda 1 represent among others Normisjon, the Norwegian Church, Mission Churches, Pentecostal churches and Indremisjonsforbundet. There are regional learning communities in several places in Norway and separate learning communities for lay congregations / organizations and youth work. Agenda 1 also organizes learning communities in Thailand and Cambodia.

Agenda 1 was started by IMI church in Stavanger in 2009 and is led by Martin Cave.

For more information, please contact Steve Bruns: steve(at) or +47 91307600.